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The mission of The Orphan Portrait Project is to help orphans and vulnerable children around the world using the art of portraiture.



With a desire to see poverty alleviated and make a difference in the world, The Orphan Portrait Project is using its skills to create impact through innovation. Portrait paintings of children, leaders, people of influence and others will be sold at galas, through online auctions, and offered to top corporate or individual donors. 100% of the funds raised through the sale of these portraits will support the organizations working directly with communities. The Orphan Portrait Project is estimating to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for partnering organizations with its focus on Africa. 

Often we look for symptoms of a problem and help with collateral damage rather than focusing on the cause and finding a solution. The Orphan Portrait Project is partnering with leaders and organizations in Africa who are focused on the root causes of orphans and vulnerable children and implementing progressive solutions. Organizations are providing education and psychosocial support to children, developing systems for community-based care, creating mentorship programs empowering youth to become leaders, and promoting holistic change for broad social impact to change the story of Africa.

Children need our help. They need an education. They need a vision. This is what will turn around the cycle of poverty and prevent the next generation of children from becoming orphaned and vulnerable. The Orphan Portrait Project is telling stories through art, inspiring hope. With a heart to help orphans and vulnerable children, we invite you to join us to be a part of this cause.


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